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Originally Posted by PaneraiLover View Post
I had to bring this back to life. I spent 45 min trying to change my Oil change indication date and miles but no matter what it says 06/2013 and 18k miles from now under the oil icon in secret menu. Also the service date is 5 years from now or 30K miles (car on the lift icon). How can I change the oil interval to lets say 8 months from now and 8-9K miles for the oil change and 15K miles or 1 year from now for the service interval? I tried changing date in the car and then reset to trick the computer, and no luck. Here is what I used to the tee:

Step 1
Insert key into slot
Step 2
Press start/stop button without depressing clutch/brake and wait for the service reminder to dissapear.
Step 3
Immediately after service reminder goes out, press and hold the odometer reset. After 3 secs a warning triangle will appear, keep the odo. button pressed and after another 2-3 secs the Oil can will appear. I f you hold it too long (10 secs in total) you will overshoot the runway and some German writing will appear giving the software level/ can bus etc. of the car. Go back to the beginning and start again.
Step 4
You are now in the service menu, use the toggle switch on indicator stalk to scroll up/down through the various service items.
Step 5
When you have the item you want to reset showing, press the BC button on end of indicator stalk. Reset should now appear in the display. Press in and hold the BC button for 2-3 secs and a clock will start whirling around and hey presto, its done
Step 6
You can now either scroll up/down to select another item (as in step 4) or you can press the start/stop button to exit.
I agree. I just changed the oil this weekend @ 52,000+ miles and when I did the service reset on the oil, the interval said 20,000 mls. Too far out man.

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