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I did not know whether to start a new thread or tag it on the bottom

Arrived home, ripped open the Royal mail bag and found - (owerrr looks a wedding ring box lol)

crack it open -

Tip - lift up the box so you can see the ballast connectors under neath

Take out the old bulbs, fit new led ones in (having nimble figers helps) but with a lot of swearing mangaged to fit them

Aligned against GP Thunders

One of my worries was that it dimming when the headlights were turned on. I can say it slightly dims when you go from DRL to side lights but you only notice this in pitch black. But overall it is not noticable at all when side lights or dipped beams are on. They match the oem xenons in colour perfectly which produces a crisp white light.

I thought GP thunders were "it" but these 4 led ones blows them right out of the water. I have not tried the more expensive leds but I can say from looking at the pics online this set is on par (definatly value for money/cheaper) than rivals. I am quite happy how it lights up the outer ring as well, I think by having 4 leds this helps it

I will try to take some pics in daylight but as above it is really hard to capture the right photo. If anyone in the west mids wants to have a look in person before they buy, they are more than welcome

Thanks Neil

GP Thunders both side = DRL

Left - GP - right - BMS 4 LED