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Originally Posted by PKumarM3 View Post
that be a good thing! mercedes once made all their cars look alike and BMW said they would never do that. then audi did it. bmw stuck to that.

now bmw makes all their cars look alike, where as Mercedes and Audi want differentiation between their models.

bmw has jumped the shark. the new 3 is HIDEOUS, the 5 looks good, the new 7 looks obnoxious and ginormous.

i would take a benz AMG over any car BMW makes except the m3.

c63amg < m3
e63amg > M5
S63amg > 760?
ml63amg > x5m
cl63/sl63 > m6

gone are the days of BMW being "better handling". go drive a new e63 amg and honestly tell me that it can't dance as well if not better than any bmw.
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