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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
Thank god they killed the X3M. I'm neutral on the F11M -- I know there's a big market for touring monsters in Europe, but ultimately it's still a station wagon, and they don't belong on the track. I'm disappointed with the lack of a Z4M, however. But I'm guessing that BMW shot its load with 35is and couldn't justify another $8-10,000 above its already inflated price tag to develop an S65-powered M version.
In truth no one from the mothership can talk about future product if not already announced from the company.
And I certainly hope that it was not anybody from Bimmerpost who were dictating the merits of a BMW Supercar because Audi has the R8 and V6 engines in an M because that was plain rude.

With the auto industry you can have one thing planned one day to have it revoked or changed the next. So you hear one thing one day and then it is different the next. It is also difficult to keep up with things especially when you have other priorities. You cannot just jump back and forth when you have something in status.

The X3M is slightly controversial because there will be an X4M. The X6M in increasing growth markets is the best selling M model. BMW are not stupid to not realise the potential of a smaller X4M opening the market to new customers. But X4 and X3 means you cannot have one without the other.
which happened with the X5 and X6.
But with M Performance Diesels splitting the portfolio and catering the mid and upper segment models. do not be surprised if something comes along for the lower end of the portfolio.

The Z4M is slightly different because the US Market would have to have the Roadster with the folding hardtop to appeal to a majority customer base. so when factioned in with a Coupe it became too expensive and not make the business case.

I have an E61 M5 Touring and I love it more than the Sedan , there is something Nostalgic about that V10 when it goes into symphony with the gear changes it still gives you goose bumps. I am warming to the V8 in the F10 but I am still on the second date and have not committed fully to the cause. The Touring is the ideal cross-continental cruiser normally my Touring comes to Geneva , multiple fuel stops and all. But I have a 320d Sportline at Geneva which is possible the worlds greatest car it just took the trip in its stride it was virtually like driving down the road.
Step 1.