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Originally Posted by divisionbell77 View Post
Soon to be 09 335i xdrive owner, and unless something falls into my planned price range with idrive, I will most likely be looking at something after market, from a simple cupholder stand for my android phone to a built in head unit.

How is the reliability of this brand? I see they are made in China and just wondering on the reliability on previous models?

Also, what about glitches? Does the android platform run into any issues like crashing? Do they release updates in a timely manner to fix known issues?

Anything I should look out for besides logic 7 not being compatible when looking at 335i's?
I have had nothing but good things to say about them. Apparently the products are engineered in Germany but manufactured in China. I dont have the D99 platform but mine has not had much that i can complain about. Most of my quirks were with the learning curve that is required (not as bad for me since i am a native Android operator).

I have updated my system off of Dynavin's online site and only because i noticed it was up, not that i NEEDED it. So i might be biased, but nothing bad to say. It does take a learning curve which seems to be the general consensus around here.