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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
Maybe I'm mistaken about the potential size of the market, but I don't know of a single high-powered mid-sized ute. Certainly, the high-powered full-size ute category is ripe with competition from the likes of the X5M, ML63, GL63, and Cayenne Turbo, but where are the mid-size equivalents? I guess they'll soon be upon us with the X3 M35i and the QS5.
This is percisely what I'm concerned about. Small/mid-sized utes is the hottest car segment right now and both Audi and Porsche are building high-powered versions. How can you claim to be "the ultimate driving machine" based on the cars you build when you don't even have a contender in the segment?

Because of its sportier profile, I totally get making a high-power version of the X4. The Macan will be right up the X4M's alley, as would any high-power version of the Evoque.
My only concerned about a X4M is it might be too polarizing like the Evoque. People either like the half-suv and half-coupe style or they hate it.

Originally Posted by vladberca View Post
I think they want to present a completely new engine first in the new M3/4 and after that move it to other models, like X3, X4 or Z4....
I agree, this is pretty much what I also said in another thread. BMW probably doesn't want to use the tri-turbo being developed for the new M3 and they can't use the N54 like the did in the 1M coupe unless they also make the X3M and Z4M limited production models.