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Originally Posted by Beyu View Post

My only concerned about a X4M is it might be too polarizing like the Evoque. People either like the half-suv and half-coupe style or they hate it.
This will be the case for sure, same with the X6 (X6M), some will love it (like myself) and others will just hate it, but BMW is making money on them (all versions fo the X6) which means in general people like them.

Personally I really like the 4 door Evoque and can't stand the 2 door (most people are opposite I think). a 2 door SUV just looks horrible and is really pointless. I really hope BMW doesn't make the X4 2 doors or at least they better offer a 4 door one like Porsche and Land Rover are doing.

The whole reason I would consider a X4M is because I have a family (2 young kids), don't want a 5 series or larger, but would like a little more room than my C63 offers, and don't like wagons (like most people in the US, they just never caught on here, which is a whole different discussion). Also the AWD in the X4 would be huge for me, sure I can drive in the snow/ice with RWD, have been doing it for years with winter tires, but its so much easier with AWD, haha. I am at the point where I like practical and simple things but still love the power, so X4M would be a great option (as my only other choice would be an Audi RS4 which Audi already said will not come to the US ). As my kids get older I will probably be looking for a Z4M/M4 coupe, RWD (maybe manual if its made).