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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
I'm not sure what you're referring to, but I don't really care if BMW makes a supercar or not -- I've avoided that entire discourse because, frankly, I don't intend to ever buy a supercar in my lifetime unless I win the lotto. Make one or not, it doesn't affect my day-to-day life

@ Geneva or in other business you are a guest and you do not tell the host what should be done.

Oh, I get it. Product planning changes all the time. Especially when your development cycle is on the order of 60 months from concept to market. You'll hear no complaints about back and forth from me.

I never understood the desire to make an X3M. There is no market for it, and the Q5S (or whatever it'll be called) and the Macan seem more likely competitors to a potential X4M than an X3M.

The issue regarding X3M and X4M is that the larger X5M and X6M will not be in production. Allowing a line of sustainability until the replacements.

I know the ship has sailed, but why didn't BMW consider forgoing a Z4M Coupe altogether and just focus on offering a Z4M roadster with the S65? Fitment's not an issue, as the P65 is used in the Z4 GT4. Or a more focused version of what ended up becoming the 35is.

What everyone seems to have forgotten. Is that the S65 V8 "Dies" within the next year it would not be worth it for a short-term model in terms of making it meet future emissions.

quoting this for posterity
I was referring in balance between the E60 and E61. I prefer the E61 because it is in essence a Space shuttle. I have not driven the F10 M5 far partially because I love the 320d I have. It is effortless.

And why won't you reveal the chassis designation of the 4-series GC?

whats the point of M5 Touring anyway? racing around with a load of .. whatever at the back? cant see the point...
There is much more to the E61. Many journalists thought that the M5 Touring was much better to drive than the sedan. It is a rocketship and the fact that you can have that flexibility makes it even better. M5 Touring is one of the best cars I have ever owned.

Even if there were an F11 M5 Touring - BMW would not sell it in the US Market. The anti-wagon market has now claimed another victim. Jaguar are not bringing the XF Sportbrake to the US.
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