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Hey Guys this is amazing info...

I have on occasion noticed the following on my car its a 07 328xi E90 built 12/06

Can anyone help me when the following items were corrected in manufacturing process if at all? Especially interested in Water igress from AC Blower Housing

Body Equipment 51 30 05 October-05 E90 Cracking or Ticking Noise from Lower B-Pillar
Body Equipment 51 31 05 March-06 E90 Center Console Heats Up In Knee Contact Area (Supercedes Nov 05)
Body Equipment 51 32 05 October-05 E90 Clicking Noise from Upper B-pillar Trim
Body Equipment 51 33 05 October-05 E90 Water Ingress from A/C Blower Housing
Body Equipment 51 10 07 April-07 E90/E92/E93 Rear Window will not Fully Defrost
Body Equipment 51 19 07 November-07 E90 Doors will not Unlock Using the Key Fob or Central Locking Button (rpl 09/07)

Audio, Navigation, Monitors, Alarms, SRS 65 44 06 December-06 E60/E63/E90 CCC: AUX-IN Loud Hissing if no Device Connected
Audio, Navigation, Monitors, Alarms, SRS 65 03 07 April-07 E60/E63/E90 CCC: Slow Response from System when using Controller (Rpl Jan 07)