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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
Does that mean that BMW will not make an X5M or X6M and relegate those two SUVs to just the M Performance range after this generation?
I think he just means there will be a gap between the E70/E71 X5/X6 M and the F15/F16 X5/X6 M. So, durring that period, a short run of F25/F26 X3/X4 M could be just what BMW needs to keep the profits rolling into M Division. You could do just an X4 M, but if you can make more money by spreading the cost over two models, then that will obviously make a better business case.

Originally Posted by Beyu
I agree, this is pretty much what I also said in another thread. BMW probably doesn't want to use the tri-turbo being developed for the new M3
Yeah, it seems that unlike with the X5/X6 M vs. the M5/M6 debuting the engine in an SAV first might not work with their marketing strategy for the medium sized high performance entries. I suppose it makes sense as I could really see Bimmerpost blowing up if the engine went to an SAV first, whereas no one cared too much about it by the time the M5 and M6 arrived. Everyone had already vented about the M SUVs and turbo Ms and such.

...and they can't use the N54 like the did in the 1M coupe unless they also make the X3M and Z4M limited production models.
They can't use the N54 because it won't give them the performance they need for an M branded vehicle in this class. ~340hp would be fine for an M35i, but not nearly enough for a true M (I use the word "true" loosely here as we are talking about an SUV after all
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