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many questions. some answers.

Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I think he just means there will be a gap between the E70/E71 X5/X6 M and the F15/F16 X5/X6 M. So, durring that period, a short run of F25/F26 X3/X4 M could be just what BMW needs to keep the profits rolling into M Division. You could do just an X4 M, but if you can make more money by spreading the cost over two models, then that will obviously make a better business case.

Yes if you take the X5M and X6M. Both have made a lot of money for BMW M.
So they will be replaced in the next generation F15 and F16 concepts.
What form they will take it is too early to know as they are confined to paper at the current time.

BMW SAV's are huge sellers and that is why there will be an X4 and an X2 to compliment the full range. An X4M cannot be ignored because the potential is there especially in light of the BMW X6M.
With the luxury car market set to expand to 1 million units by 2015 and leading that growth will be the main BRIC countries , BMW amongst others will be making sure that they are highly competitive in that segment and that is why you have just seen a Bentley SUV - despite its appearance you cannot deny the potential for this car - it will sell and in huge numbers globally.
In Beijing at the end of april - Lamborghini are also bringing an SUV Concept in response to China becoming lamborghini's biggest market. .
Bentley are also taking their SUV to Beijing after Geneva. So every premium manufacturer will be highly competitive in order to get their share of those 1 million units.

One SUV you will not see is a Rolls-Royce. As the chairman said yesterday that it does not fit within the ethos of the brand. Something you could argue about Bentley. But bentley is owned by VW and they do not like segments to slip through their fingers so easily.

For BMW though it is known that a 7er can not just sustain itself in that high end market for BMW. So they are working on proposals that again can be spun off incoming modular architecture which could see a future variants on the 7er. Two favourites under intense discussion from the selected few involves a new update on the previous CS Concept again as a four door. and even a high end SAV a RR alternative a Super luxury BMW X7.

Yeah, it seems that unlike with the X5/X6 M vs. the M5/M6 debuting the engine in an SAV first might not work with their marketing strategy for the medium sized high performance entries. I suppose it makes sense as I could really see Bimmerpost blowing up if the engine went to an SAV first, whereas no one cared too much about it by the time the M5 and M6 arrived. Everyone had already vented about the M SUVs and turbo Ms and such.

Yes but there would still be an outcry if BMW did bring out more X-M's.
I am bracing myself for the 3er GT and X4 launch and the FWD 1er CST.
The hatred is going to flow.

They can't use the N54 because it won't give them the performance they need for an M branded vehicle in this class. ~340hp would be fine for an M35i, but not nearly enough for a true M (I use the word "true" loosely here as we are talking about an SUV after all

The N54 will of course be joining the S65 and be put out to pasture very soon. It's ran its course.
Step 1.