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Originally Posted by krnet2dboi View Post
Ugh.... once again... this unit is not for everyone.

I returned mine, but if you are going to buy it, make sure it is not for PnP use.
And don't think of it as a I-Drive replace because it is not.

This is purely my opinion...

Not worth the money.
Personally, i think it is extremely ignorant to compare it to the idrive system. An iDrive retrofit costs $1600+ on the cheap end. The Dynavin is $900 and that's usually on the high end. For $700 cheaper (almost 50% less) do you really expect it to be like OEM? It is plug and play as far as i am concerned and how my install went, but as far as being as intuitive and refined as OEM, obviously not. It follows the classic motto of "you get what you pay for" but for what i paid for and what i got, i am very happy. I am sorry you didn't feel the same way but i dont feel as though my feelings are out of the ordinary. You shared your opinion and I have shared mine. Take them for what they are worth.