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Originally Posted by enrita
bump for updates

Hey enrita,

did I say "early" next week, I think I meant late, lol.


I have both good and bad news for all you AT drivers.

The good news is that PWR are ready to produce a "direct fitment" radiator, that will substantially outperform the heat transfer capability of the BMW OE unit.

Pending its final design it may also improve the efficiency of the AT heat exchanger.

The bad news is that will cost quite a bit more than their currently available MT 5970 unit.

I have been in correspondence with a knowledgable PWR rep' over the last 4 weeks.

Following several conversations between the rep' and one of their engineers over the last week, I am told that due to efficiency concerns, they are not prepared to produce an AT fitment radiator, unless it incorporates their "Close Mesh Core Configuration".

Unfortunately this adds $165 to the cost of the rad' straight up.

The addition of the machined billet aluminium fittings, required for the hose connections associated with the AT heat exchanger and the inclusion of a cross-flow baffle in the end tanks, also substantially increases the fabrication costs.

As such I am sorry to say, but we have to revise the purchase price of the AT radiator.

The group buy pricing for the Advan Performance/PWR "custom build" AT radiator is now $1,245.00, exclusive of shipping.

I can appreciate that this is an additional $450 on top of the MT 5970 unit we are selling.

However please remember this is NOT a currently available item from the PWR catalogue.

It's being custom built by PWR, exclusively for Advan Perfomance and PWR charges accordingly for a "custom build" radiator.

Whist I can very much appreciate that many potential customers will now bork at the final cost, I am sorry to say that in this instance, "it costs what it costs".

Peter and I can simply not sell it for any less, as the margin between our trade price and retail is small enough, without even considering the substantial R&D time, that has gone into getting the project to this stage.

That being said the heat transfer capabilities of our PWR AT radiator will far exceed that of the BMW OE rad' and Advan will guarantee that it's a "direct fitment" unit.