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Thanks for the update,
After the dealership reprogramming the computer afew weeks ago, I too seem to have the gremlins back but not bad enough to go back to them with at the moment.
Cold start up doesn't always bring in the high idle unless I blip the throttle, hot starts are fine. Overall running and performance is fine now getting 450 miles out of a tank, thats having a fairly high cruising speed and not giving it too much right foot on the back roads.
Am intending taking the si to Donnington next weekend and Snetterton 2 weeks after that for the touring car racing, the 320si's have been having some success, any one else thinking of going? I'm also trying to think of a way to get an invite into the pits to have a closer look at the BMWs and take some pics. If anyone knows anyone who could help it would be appreciated.
Back to the snag ShereKhan I had an old 87 Range Rover which had really bad starting and cold running problems it was sorted by changing the MAF (RR equivalent).