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Originally Posted by DnA Diesel View Post

I would really consider the X3 30d if that came over as well. Yes, the 335d's 6 is very smooth, but I would be willing to forego a bit of smoothness to have a diesel SUV again (had a 2.8L straight-4 VM motori powered Jeep Liberty, so I'm familiar with straight-4 vibration levels) and the X3 or something like a Q5 or Tiguan would be perfect.
The VW 'eg TDI would be my choice, IMHO it is, or used to be with the four-corner suspension, more capable in rough terrain than a BMW Xx which are primarily designed to conquer potholes and curbs, and maybe a roadkill or two thrown in.

Edit: Well, it looks like only the Porsche Cayenne Turbo is available with the air suspension now, and it isnt available in the US with a diesel (though I read somewhere that Porsche is putting out a diesel Cayenne soon, prob not coming across the pond). So I am not so sure about the eg's rough terrain capability any more.
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