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Originally Posted by dchen2 View Post
Sigh... Auto trans being the case was what I feared but didn't want to hear . Thats what I get for ignoring my first instinct of going for the manual... first missing out on the $1210 auto credit by a week, then learning DCT is coming in 09 for the the convertibles/coupes, and now the auto messing up perfectly good exhausts.

Unfortuntely when cruising in SD instead of D I see my instant mileage plunge 25% lower from ~32-35mpg normally in D to 24-27mpg and it also makes the throttle a bit too sensitive for rush hour driving along with lots of engine braking.

Hopefully the muffler guy and I can jury rig a solution without resorting to me using SD all the time (which doesn't avoid the problem of when driving from standstill still hearing the bad drone/vibration reving 1500-2000rpm). I'll update later tonight with my findings.
Seems this is an old post but I had exactly same situation as yours. Literarily, every single word you said described my situation. I am curious what was the outcome and solution?

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