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Need info to better search for what I need/looking for.

Hi everyone,

I'm a new 2011 E91 owner, I've had the car for about a week! yay!

So far, I've managed to figure out that in order to get my iPhone to work, I had to get a "y cable" (which I got used from my regional forum on this board).

I can now say I managed to get my iPhone 4 to work and listen to music and paired up with the car's Bluetooth for the phone part

However, I've been reading around for the past week, searching and trying to understand a few things but I think the forums are confusing me a little (part of it is probably BMW's fault too!). I found that my '11 was manufactured in 06/2010 thanks to

What I'm trying to achieve is retrofitting a combox. I found on the forums that that's what I'm "missing", I want the apps, bluetooth music streaming and other perks that the post 09/2010 '11 E9x have.

Here's where I need help, I would like to make sense of the part names & numbers.. 6NL, 6NR, CIC, CCC it's confusing me like crazy and I can't figure out what's in my car! Which combox do I need? Is what I'm trying to do even possible, from what I've read it is but maybe I'm confused..

I have a background in avionics so DIY is no problem for me. I know how to solder and comfortable around electricity & electronics. I'm just hoping someone can set me in the right direction for my project.

Thanks & sorry for the long post.