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Originally Posted by MrMike View Post
ok so bear with me here

If I understand correctly, I will have to order the Bluetooth telematics module + the combox. Then do the wiring & get coding done. Got a few more questions

The Bluetooth part number is: 84 64 0 441 949 (found in the PDF you posted.) Will it work with my 6FL or will I need to order the 65 41 2 152 528 Bluetooth kit with it's own usb/audio interface? I know you mentioned earlier that I would have to remove it, but I just wanted to be sure it will not be compatible with the interface-less Bluetooth module.

Would you be kind enough to post the combox & combox holder part numbers that I would need since it's not in the documentation I've been able to find? Or at least show me how to find it on realoem? I tried looking but no success, need extra nudge to get me going.

Thanks again.
I charge to retrofit the Combox, so you should understand that posting the install steps in detail is not in my best interest.

On the other hand, the OEM retrofit is quite informative so my suggestion is to ask your dealer for it; print the document and handle it to them. Otherwise it will be a long trip of finding each part required for this retrofit. And after all that is done still you have not coded the unit to work yet. And most probably you will not get the Assist transferred to the Combox.

For sure, you will need to remove the two modules mentioned above for the OEM retrofit to apply to your car.