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Surf City Signs Are HORRIBLE :mad0260:

Surf City Signs did a horrible job on my car! I warn ANYBODY in the Southern California area to go somewhere else, anywhere else, to get their car wrapped. They did a horrible job and then gave me the run around to get the issue fixed and then essentially told me to go fuck myself by discontinuing communication about the issue for 3 weeks until they were contacted by my credit card company to dispute the charges for not getting anywhere close to delivering the agreed upon quality. Service rendered was not the quality agreed upon. Many surfaces were not fully covered with the vinyl wrap. Most cases the wrap was not applied all the way to the edge of the surface. In other cases the wrap was lifting up, such as under the door handles. In other cases the vinyl wrap was simply not applied missing big chunks, leaving the previously painted red surface showing. The model numbers on the back of my car were carelessly covered by the vinyl, they are to be worked around the same way the car's emblem was worked around. I have posted pictures of the shitty job they did at