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Originally Posted by skinrock View Post
I've been having a rather interesting problem lately with shifting in DS on my auto. I am running Stage 2+FMIC Sport ST. I had a couple misfires a month ago, but switching my plugs fixed it.

This has happened in v301 and in the new v400 beta. Outside of this issue, it feels great, pulls strong and no codes.

So the issue is when I'm going about 40-50 mph and then I go wot, for example onto an expressway entrance ramp. The first time it happened I didn't pay too much attention, but it was basically screaming and not going anywhere, it felt like it didn't want to shift. Tonight, I paid closer attention, and sure enough - it hit about 7k rpm. I decided to shift with M mode, and then it started pulling a little more, but then it felt like it shifted again.

Unfortunately I don't have a log, but I'm not sure if that would tell us anything. I'm almost certain it shouldn't be hitting 7k, and it feels like crap at that rpm anyways. Has anyone else experienced this?
put "Torque Limit Active" in your logs. If the monitor shows "4" the ECU is cutting power.
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