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Originally Posted by crypticc
Hi, so equipped with v4.00 which is pulling smoother and more like the original stock linear N/A feeling, just 'more'.

Since I got the cobb though I've read about 'pulling timing'.

Is that what I have here, or is this just mistiming introduced to impart a burble and rortiness into the engine note? The engine became naughtier sounding a few years ago when my WG upgrade was done and I'd assumed that some new bmw software deployed at that time introduced that, but this seems to be a COBB thing too.

Anyhow, no codes or anything, and otherwise happy.

See attached for a various second and third gear pulls.

Is this normal?


P.m. forgot to add, keen to know before I start chucking LSD and suspension onto the car. Cheers
I am getting the same corrections but on different cylinders even on stock 0 map. [mostly 4 on aggressive, mostly 2 and 6 on stock]

If it was on single our at least cylinders that don't move about I'd know where to look but am at a total loss, especially as it affects map 0 :-(

oh well, was fun while it lasted. I've uninstalled now.