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Originally Posted by E90SoFlo View Post
The P30ff Code will show as soon as the targeted boost pressure isn't met.

So if you took it into a shop and they just replaced plugs/coil packs and didn't mess with anything. I wouldn't think that was the cause.


You're misfiring (bad plug or coil pack) even tho they are new. And its throwing the code, I have had the P30ff light come on when I was having bad misfires. Is the car "surging" after 4k rpm?
I havent had any other misfire codes. I had a misfire code before I took it to get the coils and plugs replaced. But since then no misfire codes. Only the P3OFF code and the other 3 I mentioned. the other 3 havent come back yet and neither has the P3OFF code. But something must be going on. And by surging after 4K rmps what do you mean? Also they did do something to adjust the waste gate rattle. Which they said is much better and quieter now.
2009 E92 BMW M3.