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Originally Posted by Doyle View Post
Don't quote me on it, but no.

Shoot Harold a pm. He'll know for sure.
Doyle thanks but I just looked on TC Kline website and it says it was suppose to come with bump rubbers, I also noticed them in a picture on one of threads. The reason I asked was I had the coilovers install yesterday and there were no bump stops in the boxes, so I assumed you didn't need them. When I took the car for a ride the suspension rides really nice except for when I hit a good bump. The car felt like something was bottoming out. I will be contacting TC Kline for the missing bump rubbers and have my buddy install them. In the mean time I just took my old bump stops and trimmed about 3/4 of an inch off them and sliced them down the middle so I could get them in. Then I took the car for another ride and problem solved no more banging. I'm running 350/600 on the springs.