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Test-driven a F30 to compare with a E90.

I test-drove a F30 328i last week to see how it compares to a E90. Overall, the suspension is noticeably softer, with less of that firmness found in the E90. The variable steering also took some time to get used to, as in eco and comfort mode, it's very light, very un-bmw-like. I almost thought I was driving an Audi. Once you switch to sport mode, then the weight of the steering comes back, thankfully. Probably the biggest difference is the engine response (from the turbo). Traditionally, BMW was somewhat lacking in low-end torque but will really rev it all the way to the redline as that is where the meat of the torque is. Here for the F30, the low-end torque is immediate but it will start to drop somewhere around after 5000-6000 rpm.

What remains the same is the good handling, the softer suspension has not impacted agile character of the 3 series and that's a relief.

I hope I don't sound negative on the F30, it's just the character of the F30 is in some ways quite different to the E90 and the other 3 series before it. It's still a darn good handling car, but with a somewhat different personality. Has anyone else here test-driven the F30? Do you agree with my view? Disagree?