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Originally Posted by parrp View Post
Most likely a silly question but do these bulbs need to be fit in certain way to insure both rings are illuminated to the maximum affect?

I'm just wondering because the inner ring is by far brighter than the outer.
Don't think you can go wrong as the holder has 3 different size lugs. Looking at bulb you have taken out the H8 connection should be at the top and the lugs form a "T" this lines up with lamp holder and you turn clockwise to locate the bulb. If you mark the new LED with a spot of paint at the top of the "T" insert into the lamp holder and turn anti clockwise. (This is standing in front of the car) I found the LEDs slightly out from the apertures in the chrome reflector which lead to the outer halo on first fit but a firmer grip and twist managed to get lined up a bit better. The outside halo will never get as bright as the inner due to design of the headlamp as the outer halo is fed by fibre optic from the inner light source. As Neil has previously said the outer halo is best seen from a distance.

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