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Originally Posted by pinky_and_me View Post
I just had the same issue. I'm guessing you changed more than the SIDEMARKER_US to nicht_aktiv to do the corner delete. This was the only thing I needed to change.
When I chaged WL_POL to nicht_aktiv I got the same issue as you so change it back to soft_einschalten and it should solve your problem.
My issue is that now my welcome lights do have the corner lights on.
This is crucial ^^^

I was having the same issue. It took coding about 7 E92s to realize what was happening... the spreadsheet has gotten so jumbled over time I've started renaming a lot of things so they're more obvious. The corner delete options for E92s are insane... because with the E90 all you need is the SIDEMARKER_US (and the longer names) set to nicht_aktiv to make the corner bulbs not work.