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Drives: 2006 330xi
Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: Richmond, VA

iTrader: (0)

Coding: Lives in Richmond, VA ... willing to travel or do groups

Name: Ben
Phone: 3one7 - 8five0 - 8five3two (Texting is preferred, but calling is OK)
E-mail: BMW codingBenW [at] g mail [dot] com

If you have a model other than E9X, please let me know first thing. I code primarily E9X but have no problem doing other models or Mini

What I can code
  • Digital style speedometer (V = 0 mph)
  • Speed correction disable (~2-3 mph)
  • Front corner amber bulb delete
  • Corner LED delete for E92
  • Remove ignition key gong
  • Roll up the windows while holding the lock button on the remote
  • Fold up the mirrors while holding lock on fob
  • iDrive warning delete
  • Disable A/C from coming on automatically
  • Wipers end in down position.. never stuck halfway
  • Automatically go to "Entertainment" on iDrive after a few seconds
  • DVD while driving on cars with CIC units (older models (CCC units) require an additional $50 module)
  • Unlock all doors when the engine shuts off.
    *For me, it's nice because I always need to get something out of the back of my E90. Others like this feature so that their passengers don't get confused.
  • Seat belt warning disable
  • Fog lights stay on when flashing high beams
  • Fog lights stay on with bi-xenons high beams
  • Double impulse Hazard lights (some models..this can be YouTube'd)
  • Factory alarm coding. Requires that it be installed. I can help with that too, if need be.
    *Saves you 2 hours of labor from the dealer just for coding alone
    * *NOTE* - I can also help increase the volume of your factory alarm
  • Welcome lights - including pathway lights
  • Bulb error check removal for after market LED lights
  • Adaptive headlight error removal
  • Activate and customize welcome light grouping - angel eyes, rear license plate lights, main lamps, etc
  • TPMS deactivation for aftermarket wheels or track wheel switchers.
  • Sirius radio activation
  • New Battery Registration
  • Error code checking and clearing

There are risks involved in coding. It is very unusual for someone to brick an ECU doing this, plus I know how to revert your car back to factory settings to make sure you leave the appointment just as you came. I still ask that you sign a waiver releasing me from any responsibility since I'm not doing this for business/profit.

I will travel! There must be at LEAST 3 cars confirmed for that day in order for me to travel, however. It's just me doing this and I work a normal salaried I'm pretty busy and have a life. As long as you keep in close contact with me I'll get you coded. I ask to be reimbursed for gas, because I had to fill up twice this past weekend just to do coding. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come straight to my apartment!!!

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