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I had afew bits done today, I was fed up of the aluminium interior trim in my E92, the door trims seem to tarnish to easy ..... So I thought about time I did something about it....

The dash :

And close up :

The door trims : ( rear quarter trims done to match also)

And the rear ash tray / vent :

I've also had the window trim wrapped in satin black, as the were becoming tarnished near the mirror section. About 6" of the trim looked like it was being rubbed through, you could see the aluminium through the black
Very bizarre, as nothing rubs against it .....

Bt here are the trims :

And close up for the people that want to see the finished quality :

I've also had my Motorsport grilles wrapped n the satin black, but the light was failing, so I didn't photo them, but they are spot on ..... Highly recommended, PW Pro, if you want anything wrapping!

Have a look at his website, he has some pictures on there of the other work he's undertaken

I have a couple of other things planned for later on in the month too .....
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