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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
...except for the naming convention, which is a conversation for another time
I'm totally with you on that. If you look at a latter post of mine in that thread, I suggested Z0, Z2, Z4. But that too is just wacky.

I sort of like SCOTT's thinking, in that roadsters could be odd numbered while two-seat coupes could be even. But, that still doesn't match up with their two-door, four-seat counterparts (which are all even). Maybe they should just go with Z2, Z4, Z6 for the two seaters (FWD, RWD, RWD), and save Z1, Z3, Z5 for a new line of four door roadsters and coupes with rear suicide doors and marginal rear seats, sort of like a Mazda RX8 combined with an Audi TT coupe or Porsche 911. Oh and lets not forget the Z3 GT - the first ever five seat, roadster-coupe hatchback.
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