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Originally Posted by HB330i View Post
How has your experiance with the eibach lowering springs been? Every time someone on the forum mentions using lowering springs people say dont do it because it gives a terrible ride and drastically reduces shock life?
Also who does your work? Im local to lincoln and looking round for someone to use ( other than main dealer) for serviceing etc. Any experiance with forrest motors?
Hi, the eibach's are fine tbh, a little firmer than stock, but only a little, I find that when I ran the m sport shocks, eibach springs and run flats the bound and rebound was all to cock. Changing to the non-runflat tyres has changed things allot....very compliant and well matched

Having done over 50000 miles on this setup I'm sure that damper life is fine, my car is currently on about 94,000 miles, 40000 of which were completely standard before I owned it.
Tbh, I'd not worry too much about suspension life on these springs, seems to be fine for me

Derek Forrest knows his stuff, personally, I don't use him.
If its servicing, I use Astle BMW in Grimsby, for everything els, I have my friend on the Allenby that has a garage do things
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