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Originally Posted by spektor75 View Post
The first time ordobane went to the dealer they just installed the kit with no coding, now that coding has been done he claimed that it sounded much better and the bluetooth worked normally

ordobane is this correct? car was coded and everythings running smoothly?
I only have bluetooth, no pdc or nav still dont know whether to code or not
This is correct. The first time I went they did not do any coding as they determined none was necessary. I found the sound to be overly bright and unbalanced.

After they "discovered" some software updates, I went back and had them do the coding. This fixed the sound and my BT and Nav work fine. The volume adjustments for each seem to be in a normal range.

I could not pin them down on what they did and they really didn't seem to know. I think they did a software update and adjusted my VO.

So, it working correctly for me after coding, but I do not have PDC.