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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
What I do is move the wastegate position setting in the Procede software around and watch the wg and make sure they respond immediately/quickly. If they transition slowly from position to position (or not at all), you likely have a vacuum leak or some other wg related issue. I've even seen the c-clip on one of the wg fall off and not move around at all. In your case, the best you could do is hook up a vacuum gauge to your vacuum canister and confirm that they are pulling 20+ " of vacuum.
I definitely have a leak then, my boost gauge only shows 16-17 of vacuum.. It only shows 20 if that when I let of the throttle then goes back 16.. Got a little project for the weekend..

I might sound ridiculous but what do you guys think of wrapping them with like foil to protect it against heat a little?

and why isn't this stickied yet!?

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