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The foil may work, never thought of that.

This past weekend, I replaced all the vacuum lines on the passenger side with Turbosmart silicone lines. Not sure if the factory lines are rubber or silicone, but would guess the windshield washer lines were rubber, so these silicone lines should hold up better.

There's 10' in the package and that's enough to do the passenger side, but not enough to do the driver side (lines to diverter valves, etc.), so another package is on it's way.

I went with black, but they're also available in blue or red. Have a new razor blade handy to slice the old lines off the plastic fittings. The lines to the wastegates are difficult to see, but those are metal, so I just pulled those off and felt my way around to get the new ones on.

Hopefully this will also help with this issue (, still have to see if the new lines affected that.

Here's a pic of all the old lines: