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Post Introducing JRZ RS1 Suspension for BMW E9X (the ultimate street/track solution)

JRZ RS1 Suspension Single Adjustable Damper Kit for Street and Track.

Buy Fixed Height Kit Here:

Buy Coilover Kit Here:

Available for:
E9x non M
E9x M
E82 non M
E82 M
All E46
All E36


Fixed Height Spring Options:
A. Eibach - A bit more sporty than the OEM springs with a tasteful drop and great comfort.
B. AC Schnitzer- Stiffer and slightly lower. More focused on performance than the Eibachs.

Variable Height, Stock Style Spring Options:
Same as above, but with a height adjuster.

Coil Over, Height Adjustable Option:
A. VAC Specified coil over solutions. Street, Street/track, track/street.
B. Custom rate coil over springs - we can learn more about your needs and suggest a proprietary solution.

Kit Options:
JRZ or Ground Control camber plates are not necessary but recommended when semi frequent track use is planned.

VAC Tech Tips:
This is a monotube race style design but smart for the street/track day enthusiast. Yes, it is a single way damper (more is not always better) but it shares the same technology as the RS Pro remote reservoir systems. How? There is a seperate gas charge area in actual piston body and a divider piston which divides the nitrogen charge from the oil charge.

JRZ is known for using large piston rods. This large piston rod configuration displaces a lot of oil, resulting in very quick valve action. This means you can enjoy a 'softer' ride but still have an incredibly well controlled chassis. Cheaper dampers with small piston rods require much more effort to move the shim stacks.

We have been selling JRZ solutions to race customers for quite some time so we are intimate with their superior engineering, design and performance. Since JRZ is on the cutting edge on technological development it made a lot of sense for them to create this new RS-1 system for street driven cars that will see track day events. True race technology in a practical kit. This is a unique system that can run with just springs or height adjustable perches. (PM for info on height adjustability)

Why buy JRZ from VAC?
-We have hands on experience installing dozens of JRZ suspension solutions on BMWs.
-We have a team of 24 here in Philadelphia at our fully equipped shop.
-JRZ is our solution of choice for our core racing clients, period.
-We have 6 full time folks who handle sales. I am also available pretty much 24-7 via PM, email, text etc.
-Our Performance Center foreman ran JRZ exclusively on his Grand Am race cars
-We run JRZ on our E36 race car which is quite a good performer given it's heft.
-While in Germany for the PMW Show (where we exhibit) last year, we stopped by JRZ to meet with the brass. We have had a relationship with the founder Yan for many years. Pics here:
-Our track day partner, pro driver Aaron Povoledo can be seen in the awesome JRZ video here. He shares our opinion and experience with the product line.

JRZ Sales pitch:
JRZ Suspension Engineering is proud to introduce the JRZ RS1, a revolutionary development in multipurpose high performance damping. Applying our race winning technology, JRZ designed the JRZ RS1 to give ultimate comfort for public roads and precise chassis control when driving on track.

The JRZ RS1 is a high gas pressure, single adjustable monotube damper. The canister has been designed inside of the damper. JRZ inner canister technology gives the advantages of monotube canister dampers without the mounting concerns and complexity.

Easy to install, the JRZ RS1 is available as a complete kit with mounting hardware and springs for all applications we support. Built on the same production line and sharing components with our pro racing applications, the JRZ RS1 is of true professional heritage.

Following JRZ’s design philosophy, the JRZ RS1 has a large 22mm diameter piston rod in strut applications and a 16mm diameter piston rod in aluminium damper applications. The large piston rod magnifies the high pressure gas charge which means great chassis control without using a high spring rate or increasing harshness.

Utilizing a mono tube design with a high flow piston ensures the smoothest possible ride in normal conditions while the bleed adjustment gives the ability to tune for racing situations. Unlike many other single adjustable suspensions, damping balance is carefully maintained between compression and rebound. This damping balance is critical to maintaining tire contact with the road in addition to controlling the main mass of the vehicle.

To satisfy the diverse needs of each driver’s application, the JRZ RS1 has an extra large adjustment range. With a few clicks you can turn your smooth street car into a crisp, rock solid track car in seconds.

• 22 mm rod strut, 16 mm rod damper
• 12 clicks of compression
• 24 clicks of rebound
• Adjustable gas pressure, mono tube
• Piston designed for high performance

JRZ has designed the JRZ RS1 to give the end user the best possible damper to drive daily, while maintaining the racetrack performance that wins championships. The JRZ RS1 is shipped as a bolt-on kit and always comes with the personal support JRZ is known for.

Using the best materials, coatings and aerospace standard manufacturing processes as in our motorsport line; the JRZ RS1 is designed to perform flawlessly. Adjustment is easy to perform and comes with the knowledge base only JRZ provides to his customers.

• Easy to use and bolt-in
• Street ride, racing performance
• Extra long product life
• One adjustment for complete control of ride and handling
• Professional racing quality

Recommended applications
• Daily driving
• Drivers education (DE) events and track days
• Club racing

Any questions please call/PM/email. Thanks guys!

Brian Casella
Sales Representative, VAC Motorsports
Office: 215.462.4666 | Fax: 215.462.4667 EXT 13 | Email:

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