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I'll tell ya why - because BMW sells their cars touting this great FREE Maintenance plan - which, after you really look into it, if you don't put a lot of mileage on your car, you basically don't get much, & even if you do - changing the oil at every 15k miles is ridiculous. Then when the plan is about to run out, they call you constantly trying to sell you an extended Maintenance Plan for another $2500? - well I'm here to tell you I can change my oil, brake pads, wiper blades a hell of a lot of times myself for that kind of $$.

Offering this 'great' maintenance plan, then creating a schedule where the dealer service hardly ever occurs due to mileage settings - saves BMW a lot of $$. They basically have the attitude that everyone is gonna trade-in or get rid of their cars at 3-5 yrs, so why bother maintaining it - just leave it for the next guy...

This includes their 'generous' change plan on their transmissions and differentials.

So, if you're the kind of person that likes to just buy a car, keep it a couple years, never pay for any maintenance or perform ANY on it personally, and then get rid of it - the BMW Maintenance Plan is for you

I would never even think of buying a newer used BMW with high mileage unless there was definite proof of owner maintenance above & beyond the factory maintenance.

I'll continue to change my oil every 7000 mi (whether dealer free or myself) thank you...
That's all nice to say with no empirical data to back up your opinions. My 2006 E90 325i is just about to turn 170,000 miles using BMW oil and filter and the CBS oil change interval, which for my car is averaging about every 17,500 miles. Stop spouting bullshit when you don't know what you're talking about. The idea of any car company is to keep all the cars it builds in service (i.e. an owner's hands driving them) for as long as possible so that it can make money on servicing those cars and selling parts for them. A business model that you believe is some sort of BMW conspiracy to have car last for 5 years and just over the 100,000 mile (CPO-extended) warranty is not sustainable for any car company, let alone BMW, one of the world's most profitable brands.

Additionally, if BMW engineered the car to have an oil change every 7,500 miles rather than 15,000 miles then it would simply add the cost of two additional oil changes to the base price of the car. An additional $200 to the price of a $40,000 car would not be noticed by anyone nor would it dissuade anyone from buying a new BMW.