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328i Detail Addict exhaust

Updated: 3/23/12

Updated: 3/18/12

Not the best sounding and hand held, since it was just me doing it by myself. At 5:30 (going up a hill) at 7:29 a bit of freeway driving at 65mph mostly.


Oright oright oriiiight, well folks. This is Detail Addict's mid-pipe set up of 3 inch diameter running from the bolt-on headers, no resonator, no 2ndary cat to a free flowing Magnaflow muffler. Contact Leo, to get your own set up going.

He sells the pipes but you can weld on any type of muffler you choose. Just so happens he chose Magnaflow which is PRETTY loud! It vibrates my center console and trim on my car but I reduce that by pushing it in and it's all good.

The first hour driving for 30 miles, my wife immediately knows that it's gotten louder, much louder than my Eisenmann race full exhaust. Low end torque has much more growl but lacks in pushing the car forward a bit. It's like the BMW lag just got longer. I assume it's because from a lack of back pressure? Since the exhaust system is pretty much a straight pipe, free flow? The lag is noticeable at stop/go traffic. At cruising, it's about the same.

I haven't driven aggressive with it yet because of the wife and baby inside but suggestion guys to what kind of videos you want, drive by's, low/high rev's etc.

The car is running on stock intake, K&N filter, charcoal filter. Tomorrow the Gruppe-M replica intake will be back on. So the cone filter will make this bad boy even louder. Stay tuned!

Give love to the 328i!
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