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Originally Posted by VSmotorsports View Post
The reason the car was done on a second dyno is for all our evolve tunes have been on a dyno jet. Since the first dyno was on a mustang we needed to confirm the results on a different dyno. The results we needed to compare to a dyno where we know we've gotten contestant results with evolve tunes.

Simply strapping down a car differently can affect the numbers and since the shop with the mustang is not one we use, that is another variable we have to look at.

Evolve has been tuning diesel cars in Europe since 2007. Its not an issue if they can tune the 335d but to make sure there is not anything special needed vs the European cars to the US. Which we already found out by Bench flashing the first DME that the hardware is set up a little differently.
Thank you for the reply and while I appreciate what you are saying, what does any of that have to do with why the customer will not post the after dyno results from the Mustang dyno?

This has nothing to do with Evolve doing their own dyno at a shop of its choice and everything do with seeing the before and after gains on the SAME "independent" dyno where the baseline was done. And the fact that Evolve has not worked with the shop where the baseline dyno was done is a GOOD thing IMO.

Furthermore, you do not have a baseline from your shop so what good is doing a dyno on a machine without a baseline? You CANNOT compare his post tune result to someone elses's car's baseline done on a different machine, Dyno Jet or not, because and as you even aknowledge there are to many variables.

I hope for all involved that the before and after dyno results (from the same independent dyno machine) eventually get posted otherwise this was all for not.

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