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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
Thank you for the reply and while I appreciate what you are saying, what does any of that have to do with the customer not posting the after dyno results from the Mustang dyno?

This has nothing to do with Evolve doing their own dyno at a shop of its choice and everything do with seeing the before and after gains on the SAME "independent" dyno where the baseline was done. And the fact that Evolve has not worked with the shop where the baseline dyno was done is a GOOD thing IMO.

Not to mention you do not have a baseline from your shop so what good is doing a dyno on a machine without a baseline? You CANNOT compare that baseline to someone elses's car's baseline done on a different machine, Dyno Jet or not, because and as you even aknowledge there are to many variables.

I hope for all involved that the before and after dyno results (from the same independent dyno machine) eventually get posted otherwise this was all for not.
What it has to do with it is he is the first evolve tuned 335d in the US. Since he was the first person to make the jump he got a discount for being the first. If you were to be the first you would have received the same-thing.

This is not evolve choosing a dyno of choice but the one we use or recommend all our customers to use. The originally dyno this car was brought to before anything was the dyno jet. However they had no way to hook up for rpm signal. Now that there is a way to get rpm signal it was brought back.

The dyno we are doing is not to compare baseline runs to the after tune. We are looking to compare the curves.

There is no black&white answer right now because this is the first 335d evolved tuned car. If your looking for dyno information there is tons of information on UK forums.