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Originally Posted by Kolyan2k View Post
well....out of 3720 335s on 14 cars have over 100k, and out of 1100 M3s only 100 have over 100k miles, out of 10500 328s only 200 cars are with 100k+. so out of 15000+ 3-series on ONLY 315 cars over 100k miles.

also i am not sure that BMW builds their cars so they last as long as possible......if they do, they are doing a pretty lousy job to begin with.

i dont have a comment on the whole Oil Change interval conspiracy, but $200 bucks per car is 860 million bucks saved if you count since e90 launch

Or $860M in lost revenue. They wouldn't save anything because the customer PAYS for the oil changes up front in the price of the car, so actually BMW is LOSING money by not having that $860M in the bank making interest...

Not sure what your stats are trying to convey other than 328's are the most popular model sold and the most driven.