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Originally Posted by TSM330i View Post

What I find most odd is that Gavin had claimed to have the supercharger working for several months of testing and there was never a video of the car running.
I agree. Or a photo with the charger even hooked up. Its mounted but I have yet to see a photo of it with a filter on, or a hose/tube to connect to throttle body.

I don't doubt they are trying to make one, but it seems like it has been forever. Why "tease" two weeks ago or whatever and then disappear.

Very odd how MMW does this. The OP on here makes it seem like it was to be released to the world a few days later. His sig even says "this week" for release when the OP was made.

It is now "this week" + like 2/3

Have a feeling this is not a legit think that has ever been run/ driven. He tolsd me thru PM back in NOV that it had been on his car for weeks and hes been driving around with it testing it out.