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Still not working. Mic and speakers does not work at all even though I can hear the phone ringing sound from speakers when a call comes in. Steering wheel controls work to make/pick up calls. Voice command does not work. I'm not sure what I've missed out in doing this retrofit.

One interesting this is that I've seen pictures and videos on bluetooth pairing and the car's bluetooth is supposed to be named "BMW XXXXX". However the device my iPhone paired with is named "Handsfree". Trying to pair with an old Nokia shows that the car is named "Music/Video" instead.

For those who have paired your phone, is the car's bluetooth named "BMW XXXXX" or "Handsfree" like what I have?

Edit: this is werid. HU shows the bluetooth ID is "BMW XXXXX". But bluetooth discovery only find "Handsfree" which i'm able to pair to and able to turn on/off with the HU. Guess I've to find someway to change the bluetooth ID on the MULF2 to match the one that shows on the HU.

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