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Wiring connectors from BMW

Here are the part numbers of the wiring terminals for the mic and mulf2 connector.

61-13-0-006-663 you will need 5 of them $1.88 each they are crimped on to wires you just need to join your mic cable to them.

This is the part number for the mic connector plug.

61-13-8-377-072 you need one of these $1.45 (dealer had to order it)

I tried to order the FAKRA style cable from BMW that is mentioned on this forum but its no longer available and according to the dealer parts guy has no substitute part number. ECS tuning list it but could not supply it either. I ended up finding a company loacally that made me one its just an SMB cable, I had them fit 90deg connectors on each end then velcro'd the antenna next to the MULF2 in the trunk.

Other supplies needed were 2 core shielded cable from radio shack, cable ties / heat shrink and some crimp on connctors to join the wires (radio shack has some nice small ones meant for telephone cables that worked fine).

As I did not take the TCU / FZD route to install bluetooth (as my car wasn't pre wired) I do have the parts available for sale that I had already sourced. These would be ideal for somebody that has the phone prep already done and would give them BMW assist (once the dealer activated it for them). Please PM me if interested the FZD is for a beige interior.

FZD module part number is 9 137 524 its from an 07 car (i removed the mic and it is missing the interior light cover)

TCU module part number 84.10 9205929 - 01 MFG date 16.10.2008 complete with the mounting bracket.

I also have the bluetooth speaker, I am not sure i would want to ship it in the same box as the other parts but its available.