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DAB+ Module

Hi there,

I'm having a really hard time getting my hands on a DAB+ module. It's not entirely difficult to find the standard DAB module, but the new DAB+ is next to impossible.

In Australia, our digital radio uses the DAB+ standard, so a tuner that is just standard DAB does not work at all (and DAB+ is not backwards compatible).

Additionally, DAB/DAB+ is not available as a retrofit, only as a factory option. I believe this is because you need to replace your rear windscreen for the DAB/DAB+ antenna.

After quite extensive digging around I have managed to locate the part number for the DAB+ unit, it is 65502310288.

Has anybody ever looked into adding a DAB+ unit to their car?

Is it even possible?

From my understanding, the radio is already programmed for DAB and should plug right in to the MOST bus. The VO for DAB is S654A, I would assume it is the same for DAB+.

My only other choice is to install an aftermarket DAB+ tuner, wire it into the CANBUS and tune it as RDS. Whilst this will work without any problems, its just not as appealing as factory fitted!

BMW has just started offering DAB+ as a factory option in the F series of cars. I do not know anybody that has it, nor have I seen it in the flesh.