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I notice you ask does it affect performance. I've got a similar temperature problem and have run some performance figures with my Racelogic V-box (GPS device).

I've only had my 335d a week (it's done 80,000m) and noticed the temperature runs in the high 70s, regardless of type of driving, taking a very long time to get there.

Some of the figures I got were:
0-60 = 6.1s
0-100 = 14.5s

which is down on figures I've read for a standard car, from magazine articles and the likes of Carlos.

Fuel consumption over last week, which was all short journeys around town has been 26mpg. I hope to change the EGR stat next week and see if it makes any difference.

Regarding te DPF delete, there was talk of it being a requirement of the MOT from 2012 to have one in place if the car was build with one, anyone got any further info on this? I do like the idea of deleting it, it must restrict the engine but I don't want to be blowing out a cloud of black smoke.

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