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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
I am fully aware of what changes they have made in the past to attend the race.

But it is still complete BS. Are they really going to bow out of the biggest endurance race on the planet? Before giving this car one more shot at the 24 hours.

I have been saying since day one of the DTM announcement they will put out of endurance sports car racing. Plus there is no way they could race the next generation M3, with it going turbo.
DTM is going to be in the US.... They have the Z4 GT3 in Europe so they will be in Endurance racing. ALMS is a different story and if PANOZ gets his way, the Delta Wing will be the focus of ALMS.

Is spending tens of millions to enter one race really worth it? Not like they have gone all that often. BMW will compete in the 24 hrs of the 'Ring.

Honestly I think BMW did not feel that there older car could still compete this year and didn't want to spend the money while transitioning to DTM.

As for not being able to race w/turbo that is all up to the ALMS rules and they may be changing- they continue to want smaller displacement and promote "Green". BMW has also established the GTS M3 and could always use that as a homologation special along with the CRT.