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Originally Posted by Kernel Kurtz View Post
I think modding a leased vehicle
Is a no no.

Can't speak to all dealers, but generally they are OK with cosmetic things that can be easily undone (like the black grilles or winter wheels). Mechanical mods are definitely out. LEDs are kind of a modification to the electrical system - it's iffy, but I'd rather be safe than have my warranty voided.
Originally Posted by morphius909 View Post
I think modding a leased vehicle
Is a no no.

I bought mine so no big deal.

Maybe others on here can pipe in for lease comments.
Originally Posted by firsttimer View Post
It is DIY but I know a guy who works at Mini who did it for me. Couple steps you need to follow, these ones are bigger than the Xenisis plug and play because they have and extra square piece (as seen in the website) which you have to place inside the compartment. It took my friend about 30/40 minutes to get it done.

As for being a lease, I dont think changing the lights would be an issue, would it?
Its not a huge deal to mod a leased car. Anything aesthetic is not an issue. Angel eye lights are only going to be an issue if you have an issue with your which case remove the AE's and put back to stock before going to the dealer. Same for performance mods...stuff like JB4, air intakes, etc can all be removed when you go to the only go to the dealer 3 times in a lease so not that big of a deal IMO. I did this with my previous e90 and never had an issue. Planning to do the same with this SE e90. Worth the bit of hassle to enjoy more of the car