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I believe I am having issues with my HPFP also or it may be because of bad gas that I got from "shell". I filled up my tank, next day I was driving and went to give the car some gas and it shook REAL bad, smell of gas and a bit of rotten eggs like a bad cat converter. So I took it real easy and got it home (SES came on). When in park the car would idle REAL rough, tail pipes had carbon on them, misfiring from cylinders 2,5 and a o2 sensor code was thrown (checked codes via JB4). I made a appointment for my car to get seen, next day I started up the car and it ran smooth as butter, then 30 mins later same problem with day the SES light went off and the car ran perfectly fine but it takes longer to start, a bit of decreased power (Lag) in the lower end and it is running a bit rich (black coated tail pipes). Is this a ossible HPFP?

Car: 2007 335i
Mods: DCI,JB4 ran on map 5, CP-e BOV kit.
Well come to find Out my problem was a huge vacuume leak, my charge pipe was not seated all the way on the throttle body.... I am still having a diagnostic done on Tuesday and will report back.