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Originally Posted by ptack View Post
Great news on the one hand, but it make the le mans pull out look worse.
I agree. I think it is a shame that BMW Motorsport couldn't support RLL in going to Le Mans. RLL has represented the brand very well here in North American for BMW and they say they can't support them because they are focused on DTM. I just think that makes BMW look even worse. Mercedes-Benz is in DTM and has a Formula 1 team. Audi is in DTM and has the LMP1 program with the R18. And BMW can't finance the trip for RLL to go to Le Mans?? To me that looks really bad.

Not to mention that this is the last year for the M3 GT, so after this year who knows what car RLL will be running or even in what series it will be in, if any. Very sad.