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So, lets talk about the shake up in broadcasting. Sky vs. BBC, etc.

Anyone else here watch the new Sky broadcast?

My thoughts:
I don't like Simon, he just doesn't feel like he fits. Also, it doesn't really feel like he is into it. To me at least, I have no idea what his background is but I'll say it again, Simon is no Jake Humphrey. I enjoyed Brundle and Crofty, though Crofty made a few too many mistakes but it was his first race. So I can forgive that. Brundle was on his usual form and was good. However, the cut to Georgie Thompson and David Anthony was bad. The entire segment should be David Anthony alone, as Georgie Thompson served absolutely no purpose and had nothing to contribute, ever. (I didn't even find her all that attractive, if that was suppose to be her role.) The pre-qualy and pre- race shows had no continuity and just jumped all over the place. They would show a 30second segment intro when the segment itself was only 20 seconds long. This is like broadcasting 101, the intro can't be longer than the content. In the end, I felt myself nearly bored until Brundle's grid-walk. Hopefully they get better, but it's no BBC coverage.

I'm going to watch the BBC highlight clip when I get a chance, hopefully they did it right.

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