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Originally Posted by TMP View Post
The event-tyres guy told me RFTs puncture more as they are so hard....
Don't really know why though???

Cannot fault 452s on normal roads. Only think I would see the benefit of contis with twice the power on a fast track. A
Not really, it's easy to make a tyre that is proficient in the dry. However the difficult and skillful part is making it good in the wet too.

A ContiSport 5 or Assymmetric 2 will work much better in the wet, and crucially reduce stopping distance significantly and will resist aquaplaning better. This is what you pay your money for. Falken's aren't cheap because Falken like making less profit, they're cheaper because they're mid range tyres that are not as good as the proper UHP tyres. This is not to say Falken's are bad tyres, because they're not, but they aren't the super awesome as-good-as-twice-as-expensive-tyres as many internet forums would have you believe.